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WordPress for Beginners

September 28, 2009


Gina Trapani (from Lifehacker,, and This Week in Google) wrote this great handbook for people operating WordPress on their own server. I wish I had this when starting my WordPress site. Once I get some time, I will put a lot of her suggestions to use. In the link, she talks about configuring WordPress […]

Do not fall for World of Warcraft email spam

September 26, 2009


This is interesting because I have never received an spam email about World of Warcraft. It makes me curious about how often this work. In my inbox, I received this: If you substitute Blizzard Entertainment for Visa or Bank of America, people would automatically assume this was a classic phishing email. That is what the […]

Twitter spam on the rise

September 24, 2009


Jew News appeared to be one of the first to report a new Twitter worm that is sent through Direct Messages. The story was picked up by Mashable and CNET. Mashable reports that Twitter is aware of the issue and: This is not the first worm to hit Twitter, but this one is especially dangerous […]

How to do screenshots on your iPhone/iPod Touch

September 23, 2009


I was able to do the last post by making screenshots of my iPod Touch screen (so you can see that I am a fan of the video game Galaga). I will be honest. I had no clue you could do screenshots of the Touch screen. I was trying to take a picture of the […]

Ipod touch 3.1.1 cannot connect to wireless networks

September 20, 2009


When the new iPod Touch update came out, I instantly got it. I think I received it by accident. I say that because I do not think I was charged the $5 which Apple is charging for Touch owners. However, when I downloaded and installed the update, I found that it would not connect to […]