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YouTube Tells You About Your Internet Connection

February 28, 2010


No clue if this is a new service or I just found out about it. But there is a page on YouTube that tells your Internet’s speed. They call is “YouTube Video Speed History“. According to YouTube, it shows the past video speeds of YouTube videos you watched from your location (your current browser at […] – Protecting your email address from spam

February 26, 2010


There is a new service called It is a beta service that allows people to convert their email address into a short, safe link. You can put that link on websites, forums, twitter, etc. So instead of posting your email address and giving spammers access to your email address, you put up this link to allow […]

Kevin Smith vs. Southwest Airlines – A Social Media Case Study

February 23, 2010


(Posted by ThatKevinSmith on Twitter) I came late to this argument between actor/director Kevin Smith and Southwest Airlines. The short version: Smith was on a Southwest flight from Oakland to Burbank last weekend. He was scheduled to go on a later flight, but decided to flight standby for an earlier flight. Smith was at the […]

Using Google Docs to post “living documents”

February 18, 2010


I have been intrigued with the idea of posting materials from Google Docs for my students. My main job is a college instructor and changing documents at my university’s CMS (course management system) is iffy at best. So I have been trying to find an alternative. I just did not know how to publish Google […]

Converting and downloading your Google Docs

February 15, 2010


I must have completely missed this function of Google Docs as I was looking at it the other day. But it now offers you a way to Convert, Zip, and download your documents. In Google Docs, Click on the “More actions” icon and look for “Export”. That should bring you to a menu allowing you […]

Google Docs finally becomes a complete cloud storage system

February 13, 2010


Photo from Google Docs was always a great place to upload and edit Word files. There are people who use Google Docs as a group “editing bay”, where they change elements of spreadsheets and presentations. Recently, Google changed Docs to allow it to upload ANY file. Now, you only get 1024 MB in storage […]

Foursquare for Windows Mobile Beta testing now

February 11, 2010


Touchality are working on a new Windows Mobile app for the popular location app, FourSquare. They call it WinMoSquare. I have been using it on my TouchPro2 and it runs pretty well. I had it for a week before they released an update. The beta is free and has been stable. However, experiences may vary […]