iPad 2 Launch Day: 3 types of people why should buy it

Posted on March 11, 2011


Oh yeah, in case you haven’t heard the iPad2 is coming tomorrow.
I think there are three types of people who should buy the iPad2.
1 ) If you don’t have an iPad.
Anyone who is looking to buy a tablet computer and was looking at the first iPad and haven’t bought one, II think you should buy the iPad2. The new iPads I will be faster, a little lighter, and they have a camera and I’ll let you video conference using face time and probably Skype.
2 ) The video mirroring feature.
The GigaOm blog calls mirroring the “killer feature” of the device.
With this feature, It would allow you the user to send what you see on your iPad to an HDTV. So teachers can open apps and show what’s on the screen to a room via television. This is something that is not present in the first edition of the iPad so if you are a teacher or presenter or are anyone who would use that feature, then get the iPad. You will need an adapter (either Digital AV Adapter or Apple VGA Adapter for it to work though. Apple says once you do that, then it becomes “a bigger version of the iPad”.
3) You want a tablet with a camera.
The new iPad has a front and a rear camera. You can use the front camera to face time with someone and the rear camera to take pictures or video. The camera does produce HD video so it’s it’s a good video camera, but it is not great for still photography. It won’t be as good as the camera on the iPhone for intensive for still pictures.
If you’re you own an iPad, then this is a pretty tough choice. You have only had this device for less than a year. So are you ready to shell out $500-$600 to get a new one? That’s a question for you to answer.
Me? I will probably buy one but I won’t buy one today so I will not be waiting in the Apple line like last year.

But it looks like a very complete device with very few drawbacks (unless you are anti-Apple).

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