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Step-by-Step Guide on Creating a Facebook Fan Page

June 29, 2010


Now for something positive about Facebook. Creating a profile on Facebook is super easy. Creating a page or a “fan page” and having it look good is hard. Facebook released a guide for creating Pages. (Hat tip to Digital Inspiration) Face Book Pages

iOS4 and…the iPod Touch? What’s missing?

June 24, 2010


The new iOS4 is now available for owners of all iPhones and iPod Touch users (except for 1st gen owners of both) The update is free and I do recommend it for everyone. So if you have an iPhone 3GS, people say it’s great. However, if you have an iPod Touch, it is a pretty […]

Can you Delete Your Facebook Account?

June 19, 2010


Yes, kinda. You can suspend your account, but if you leave it alone for two weeks, then it will disappear. I don’t recommend it because it is very useful if used correctly. But CNET has a good article on leaving Facebook forever.

FREE – Download the Google Pac-Man Game

June 14, 2010


Remember that doodle  from Google that was a playable Pac-Man game. You can download it and play it on your computer Windows or Mac. The programming website Stack Overflow came up with a way to extract the doodle and has made it publicly available. You can download it at GitHub for free. Note: You will […]

More info about how to keep your Facebook profile safe

June 13, 2010


Here are two good articles and hints on privacy protection and Facebook. Larry Magid: New Facebook Privacy Settings Announced: What’s Changed 5 Steps to Reset Your Facebook Privacy Settings

Daily App Review: EW Must List-If you re

June 11, 2010


Daily App Review: EW Must List-If you read the mag, you will love the app. Updates weekly. Great art, graphics for top books, movies, etc.

Daily App Review: Poker 1 on 1-Poker gam

June 10, 2010


Daily App Review: Poker 1 on 1-Poker game by Vanessa Rousso takes a little time to navigate, but not hard to pick up. Good UI, great game.