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How to Opt-Out of Facebook Instant Personalization Settings

April 30, 2010


Cliffs Notes → Account → Privacy Settings → Applications and Websites → Instant Personalization → Uncheck Allow. Here is the long version: To Opt-Out of the default settings, log onto your account and click on “Account” at the top right. It should bring up this menu and click on privacy settings: This should be […]

WordPress blogs hosted on GoDaddy Hacked

April 27, 2010


This blog is hosted on, but I do have a self-hosted WordPress page. So I was horrified when I got this tweet this morning. For either the second or third time, WordPress blogs have been hit with malicious code. Today’s security issue comes from an attack that causes users who find your blog on […]

Facebook and Privacy – Why Do I Need to Keep Opting Out of Stuff?

April 25, 2010


Good question. Last year, Facebook announced details about their new “social graph” concept. Under their idea of the “open graph”, we can be connected to other friends on Facebook and the entire Web generally. Of course, they are going to default all users into this program unless you tell them otherwise. In about two sentences, […]

Make Your Own Google Super Bowl ad

April 20, 2010


I thought the Google Super Bowl ad was very nice and much parodied. So Google has set up a YouTube page designed for users to create their own Google Search ad. Now, it is not as slick as they Super Bowl ad. But it gets the point across. Type your Google searches (you can use […]

The Mystery of a Messy Agatha Christie notebook

April 17, 2010


I find the process of writing interesting. I love to ask writing about their writing process. It is good to know that writers can be as messy as I am. This is a great story from Slate about the new book about her writing diaries: The contents of the notebooks are as multi-dimensional as their […]

Want to take notes on the iPad? Here are Apps to look at, avoid

April 12, 2010


I do not want to tell you about how much I have spend on iPad apps in the last 10 days. Mostly, it is because I want to move as many functions to my iPad from my MacBook Pro. The goal: I want to make the iPad replace my M-Pro for most functions. One thing […]

Free iPad App of the Day

April 11, 2010


This website will give you their pick for the top iPad app every day. Links will take you to the Apple iTunes store where you can download the free app. For people with iPhones, they also have a link for daily free iPhone apps.