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How to Change your Twitter Background, part 2

March 12, 2010


You can tell I am researching this subject. Here is another video on changing your Twitter background. Advertisements

How To Make or Customize Your Twitter Background

March 10, 2010


I use a service called to manage my Twitter background. It is a free service that puts up text information about yourself. It’s a good service. But when I get time, I need to look at my Twitter page. Here is a video that walks you through how to improve it:

Back up your smartphone

January 27, 2010


Mashable had a tip a few days ago. Today, Gizmodo gives you a guide to back up every type of smartphone. Everyone would a smartphone should make sure you back up information so you do not lose your contacts, photos, etc.

Upgrade to Windows 7 – How to get a list of your installed programs (Vista)

October 26, 2009


I am getting ready to upgrade my desktop computer to Windows 7 from Vista. I am following the usual steps: 1. Getting Windows 7 2. Backing up your important files (documents, movies, music, etc.)  I backed up to an external hard drive. 3. Getting a list of my installed programs 4. Make sure there are […]

How to improve wireless at conferences

October 12, 2009


There was a paper produced by Intel that details how conferences can be better at consistent Wi-Fi connections. Joel Spolsky from JoelonSoftware writes: At the very least, though, a venue should be able to tell you how many access points they actually have (if it’s just one, you’ve got problems), whether they are managed access […]

WordPress for Beginners

September 28, 2009


Gina Trapani (from Lifehacker,, and This Week in Google) wrote this great handbook for people operating WordPress on their own server. I wish I had this when starting my WordPress site. Once I get some time, I will put a lot of her suggestions to use. In the link, she talks about configuring WordPress […]

What Do I Need to Know When Buying a Digital SLR Camera

August 4, 2009


I received an email asking my opinion about Digital SLR cameras (or Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras). The emailer wanted some buying tips because one of his kids asked for one. First, what are SLR cameras? Basically, they are better and more expensive cameras than the digital compact point-and-shoot cameras that are everywhere now. They are better […]