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Editing YouTube videos, Yay!

July 10, 2010


YouTube has finally made a video editor that allows people to combine, cut, and add music to videos. It is pretty basic stuff if you have ever used a program like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. For me, it was a pain to edit video shot with my cell phone, edit that video and upload […]

Make Your Own Google Super Bowl ad

April 20, 2010


I thought the Google Super Bowl ad was very nice and much parodied. So Google has set up a YouTube page designed for users to create their own Google Search ad. Now, it is not as slick as they Super Bowl ad. But it gets the point across. Type your Google searches (you can use […]

YouTube Tells You About Your Internet Connection

February 28, 2010


No clue if this is a new service or I just found out about it. But there is a page on YouTube that tells your Internet’s speed. They call is “YouTube Video Speed History“. According to YouTube, it shows the past video speeds of YouTube videos you watched from your location (your current browser at […]

Dirpy allows you to record audio in YouTube videos

December 18, 2009


Dirpy Studio, which is currently in beta, is a tool to convert your favorite YouTube videos to high quality mp3s and also download the videos directly. You can find them at You can also follow them on Twitter at @Dirpy.