Twitter spam on the rise

Posted on September 24, 2009


Jew News appeared to be one of the first to report a new Twitter worm that is sent through Direct Messages.
The story was picked up by Mashable and CNET.

Mashable reports that Twitter is aware of the issue and:

This is not the first worm to hit Twitter, but this one is especially dangerous because the login page is convincing and it is spreading via DMs from friends you trust

This image from shows the DM and log-in page once you click the link:


I make it a rule to never click on websites on Twitter or sent from Twitter. Just because you never know.

UPDATE: While I was typing this post. I received this DM in my inbox. (Due to privacy concerns, I have marked out my Twitter name and the “sender’s” Twitter name. I left the last name unblocked because it directs you to someone else’s account.)

twitter spam

Mixx is reporting that a number of people are getting this message. They are informing the sender that their account could be compromised.

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