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Using Google Docs as a Batch PDF Converter

March 22, 2010


Sometimes I run across something that might not have a use. But someone might. wrote about the best way to convert Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files into PDF format using Google Docs instead of Adobe Acrobat. I guess it would be good for backups. But it is not something I would do. But, hey, […]

Using Google Docs to post “living documents”

February 18, 2010


I have been intrigued with the idea of posting materials from Google Docs for my students. My main job is a college instructor and changing documents at my university’s CMS (course management system) is iffy at best. So I have been trying to find an alternative. I just did not know how to publish Google […]

Converting and downloading your Google Docs

February 15, 2010


I must have completely missed this function of Google Docs as I was looking at it the other day. But it now offers you a way to Convert, Zip, and download your documents. In Google Docs, Click on the “More actions” icon and look for “Export”. That should bring you to a menu allowing you […]

Google Docs finally becomes a complete cloud storage system

February 13, 2010


Photo from Google Docs was always a great place to upload and edit Word files. There are people who use Google Docs as a group “editing bay”, where they change elements of spreadsheets and presentations. Recently, Google changed Docs to allow it to upload ANY file. Now, you only get 1024 MB in storage […]

Trouble exporting Google Docs

October 10, 2009


Is it just me or has Google been a little hinky lately? Gmail going down causes the world to explode. Well, I just had a small problem with Google Docs. Docs fills a simple function for me. I have documents that I keep in the cloud so that I have access to them no matter […]