iMovie for iPad fails on 1st model. Here is how to get it working

Posted on March 15, 2011


GarageBand app works fine on the original iPad. The iMovie app is more complex. You can not download directly from the App Store because you get a nasty message saying that you need a iPad with a camera to install it.

A number of blogs have detailed a “backdoor” to get iMovie installed on the first-edition iPad. Here is a good guide from Wired Magazine.

Cliff Notes version: You have to download something from Apple (free) and install it through that utility program.

Two major negatives of the workaround: 1. You will get an annoying pop-up everytime you sync saying that “Your Computer Is Not Authorized”. It is authorized, just hit cancel. But you have to do it EVERY TIME YOU SYNC. Not good.

2. It is a pita to get movies onto the iPad. There is not a camera roll for videos. It is slightly easier if you have an iPhone and a Camera Connection Kit.

However, you can create photo slideshows on iMovie. I’ll do one and post it in a few days.

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