What apps to get with your new iPad (2011 edition)

Posted on March 11, 2011



So you got an iPad for Christmas. Congratulations! If you’re new to the Apple universe, then you likely don’t have any apps or your new iPad. If you have an iPod touch or an iPhone all of those apps will be able to run on the iPad. But there are some specific iPad apps that you should download first. A lot of people use the iPad is a gaming machine. So that user will get games like Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, and Cut the Rope.

Others will use the iPad as a workstation solo use notetaking apps. There are plenty of notetaking apps out there and frankly you’ll have to use trial and error to find out which one you like the most. But there is some potential apps that I think every iPad owner should have an absolute have. So do a search for these in iTunes:

The first app is called Dropbox. It gives you an online service where you can store files. Think of it as an online jump drive or USB key. If you’re planning on taking notes on the iPad most notetaking apps either have or are planning on having the ability to sync to your dropbox account. So if you have a dropbox account then you should get the app and link it to your account. If you do not have an account then you need to sign up for the service. The service is free and you get two gig’s of storage for free or you can pay for more.

Flipboard – Flipboard is a visual newsreader. Specifically if you have Facebook or Twitter, the app is a way to see your updates in a magazine style format. When I want to show people what the iPad can do I show them this app. Free.

Pandora — Pandora is an Internet radio station kind of. Is that essentially lets you create your own station based on your favorite artists. For example, if you like Maroon 5, the service will let you hear not only songs from Maroon 5 but you’ll hear from other groups that sound like them to sell this Apple try to guess what type of music that you like and you can you tell the app that you like the song or you don’t like this kind of song. This app is free but is also a paid version as well.

Evernote – This is the ultimate notetaking app. I have this app on every computer I have (Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad). They can store anything you want from bookmarks to meeting notes to pictures that taxes. It’s a free service that let’s you store 60 MB of information for free every month. So if you need to do some work on the iPad, you can use the app, sync it, and you can access that note from any computer that you have Evernote installed. This app is free and the service is free. They also the paid service that I recommend as well.

GoodReader – quite simply, this is the most use $1.99 for an app you’ll have, this Apple open PDF files bill open text files will open Windows documents it can handle Web downloads if you give it the web address for a document that somewhere on the Internet you can copy it, open goodreader, and it will save the document on your iPad. It has many more functions, but if you only use it to open PDF files and Windows documents it’ll be well worth the $1.99.

iMovie and GarageBand for iPad – I think you want to get iMovie for iPad and GarageBand for iPad. Both are five dollars but they are absolutely just a mind blowing. I would highly recommend them. Here is some of is the some information about both on iMovie and GarageBand. NOTE: If you have the original iPad, you will be able to download GarageBand but not iMovie (yet).

Another note: If you have purchased iMovie for the iPhone, then you can download it to iPad without an extra charge. Thanks Apple. Now, get it on the original iPad.

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