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Facebook grants developers access to phone numbers, mailing addresses

January 16, 2011


Facebook annouced that developers would be given access to users' phone numbers and mailing addresses, according to the Facebook Developers blog.

Post by Voice vs. Audioboo: A Comparsion

July 20, 2010


WordPress announced a new service called “Post by Voice“. It is publish audio posts to your blog from a phone. Another contention that has been around for about a year is a service called “Audioboo“. Audioboo is a way for people to create audio and upload it to the Web. So which is better? Let’s […]

Step-by-Step Guide on Creating a Facebook Fan Page

June 29, 2010


Now for something positive about Facebook. Creating a profile on Facebook is super easy. Creating a page or a “fan page” and having it look good is hard. Facebook released a guide for creating Pages. (Hat tip to Digital Inspiration) Face Book Pages

Can you Delete Your Facebook Account?

June 19, 2010


Yes, kinda. You can suspend your account, but if you leave it alone for two weeks, then it will disappear. I don’t recommend it because it is very useful if used correctly. But CNET has a good article on leaving Facebook forever.

More info about how to keep your Facebook profile safe

June 13, 2010


Here are two good articles and hints on privacy protection and Facebook. Larry Magid: New¬†Facebook Privacy Settings Announced: What’s Changed 5 Steps to Reset Your¬†Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook “Making Control Simple”?

June 10, 2010


I could go so many ways with that headline. But they are talking about privacy controls (By the way, if you want dead simple, make everything opt-in instead of opt-out. But they won’t do that). If you have logged into Facebook, you have seen (yet another) box about your privacy settings. At some point, Facebook […]

Lock Down Your FaceBook Profile in 20 Minutes

May 21, 2010


Great video on how to increase the security on your Facebook account. Warning: This is a 20-minute video. Here is the article if you prefer the written version. How to Lock Down Your FaceBook Profile from Off The Broiler on Vimeo.