How to do screenshots on your iPhone/iPod Touch

Posted on September 23, 2009


I was able to do the last post by making screenshots of my iPod Touch screen (so you can see that I am a fan of the video game Galaga).

I will be honest. I had no clue you could do screenshots of the Touch screen. I was trying to take a picture of the Touch screen with my cell phone camera and an digital camera and the results were, um, poor.

And sure enough, I found out that it was possible. So, forgive me, if iPhone/iPod touch users have known this for years. But for we beginners, here are the steps:

First, there is a button at the top of the iPhone or the Touch (as you could possibly see in this blurry cell phone camera photo:


Press and hold that button while pressing the “Home” button at the front of the iPhone to take a snapshot of your screen at that moment. This was on my for the test:


The screen is saved on your iPhone/iPod Touch in the Photos App and will get to your computer by syncing the device through iTunes (My guess is that you could email the photo as well, but I do not know that for sure)

Once you connect to iTunes (and you use a PC), you should see this screen which asks how you want to import the files

ipod touch1

Then I see the files in my system


It will save as a PNG file. So if you need to convert it, you will need a graphics program to make it into a JPG or TIF file.

Here is video from DIpodTouch that also explains the process: