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Three Ways To Protect Your Web Images From Thieves

January 31, 2010


Make Use Of produces great guides for almost anything you need to accomplish. Today, I want to highlight 3 ways to protect the protect the pictures on your website. There are a lot of reasons why to protect your photos. Theft is number one. You do not want someone to steal your photos and use […]

Quick Thoughts about the Apple iPad

January 28, 2010


Like everyone else in the tech world, I listened to the annoucement about the iPad. My first thoughts: I am not too impressed. However, there are some great things and some not so good things: The good: The screen. It looked great. The price is the only reason that I am looking at buying one. […]

Back up your smartphone

January 27, 2010


Mashable had a tip a few days ago. Today, Gizmodo gives you a guide to back up every type of smartphone. Everyone would a smartphone should make sure you back up information so you do not lose your contacts, photos, etc.

Integrate Facebook into your Blog

January 23, 2010


Mashable gives you some great tips on how to implement your Facebook into different blog platforms. So if you interested in doing this, the post would be very helpful to you.

Backup your online life with Backupify

January 19, 2010


Backupify is a service that backs up your online information and stores it on their servers. The service can backup your Gmail, Tumblr, Twitter, Google Docs, Facebook, WordPress, and lots more. I just found out about the service and signed up immediately. You can either use their servers or you can upload it to your […]

Make sure you calibrate your new HDTV

January 15, 2010


I do not own an HDTV but it is probably my next purchase now that I have my new cell phone. But in my research, I found out that you should not just plug in the TV and use the factory settings. You should adjust or calibrate the TV based on your taste. I believe […]

Nine ways to check RSS feeds

January 9, 2010


Once I found Google Reader and RSS feeds, I have always seem to have it open on every desktop, laptop, and cell phone. Freeware Genius gives you nine ways to check RSS feeds. Two of the most popular are using a local RSS client (such as RSSOwl) and using a web-based reader (such as Google Reader). This posting […]