Do not fall for World of Warcraft email spam

Posted on September 26, 2009


This is interesting because I have never received an spam email about World of Warcraft. It makes me curious about how often this work.

In my inbox, I received this:

WOW spam

If you substitute Blizzard Entertainment for Visa or Bank of America, people would automatically assume this was a classic phishing email.

That is what the scammers are counting on. They are hoping that you reply with your game information.

The email asks for your WOW username and password, which will give them access to your account. Not only your game account, but your Blizzard’s website where you have your account information.

Blizzard notes that Blizzard employees will never ask for a customer’s password. They have also set up a discussion forum with an FAQ on these fake emails. If you get an email and you wish to question if it is legitimate, go to the forum to read more. You can also forward the email to Blizzard at to find out if it is legit or not.

By the way, if you track domain name on the reply-to address, the email was sent from a computer in China. So do not be afraid to search the WHOIS database.

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