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How to Automatically Organize Incoming Emails in Outlook

December 30, 2009


MakeUseOf gives shows you have to automatically organize your emails in Outlook. They give you two basic principles:  “create personal folders for such mails are the first thing and creating a system to automatically organize those emails into these folders is the next.” Advertisements

How to sync your Pocket PC with Thunderbird

December 27, 2009


Download Squad gives two ways to sync the Outlook alternative, Thunderbird, to your Pocket PC phone. The article mentions a freeware and shareware alternatives to sync mail in your Thunderbird mail client. So it will talk about two programs called BirdieSync and FinchSync. If anyone finds a better alternative to move messages to your cell […]

Set Up Your Windows Mobile Phone through Google Sync

December 24, 2009


I recently purchased a new Touch Pro 2 (Windows Mobile). So I had to sync my info on Google to my new phone. Google gives some great instructions for how to integrate their products for what you do. Here is the information for using Google Sync to transfer your Google information to your Windows Mobile […]

How to solve the “upload failed” message in Evernote for Windows Mobile

December 21, 2009


So I am trying to update to Windows 7 and I am using Evernote on the Touch Pro2. But when I try to upload a text note to Evernote, I get “upload failed” You might try a couple of things: First, the Evernote forums are a great guide to find out what it up with […]

I was asked to take a survey about Windows Mobile

December 19, 2009


I have to be honest. I had no clue Windows Mobile did any advertising. In fact, I can not remember the last Windows Mobile ad that I have see outside of Microsoft’s website. Well, color me surprised when an E-Rewards survey about Windows Mobile and Office 2007? appeared in my inbox. The top of the […]

Dirpy allows you to record audio in YouTube videos

December 18, 2009


Dirpy Studio, which is currently in beta, is a tool to convert your favorite YouTube videos to high quality mp3s and also download the videos directly. You can find them at You can also follow them on Twitter at @Dirpy.

Changing the Green Button in Itunes 9

December 15, 2009


If you have a Mac and you use iTunes, you know have seen Red, Yellow and Green buttons on your browser windows. It should look like this Red = close Yellow = Minimize Green = Maximize Well, unless it is in iTunes. When you press the green button, you get a mini iTunes player by […]