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Camera+ back in iTunes App Store (good for iPhone users)

December 25, 2010


After being pulled from the iTunes app store, taptaptap's Camera+ returned to the app store recently (to the joy of iPhone users).

Video 101

December 23, 2010


Now that people have video cameras on their phones. It is high time that someone taught people how to shoot video.

How to Remove your photos from the Flickr API

February 5, 2010


I saw this story a couple of weeks ago and thought it was interesting. Only because I have photos on Flickr. A Flickr user that claimed full copyright on his photos found that one of his photos was being used by the Independent newspaper in the UK without permission and attribution. When the user emailed […]

Three Ways To Protect Your Web Images From Thieves

January 31, 2010


Make Use Of produces great guides for almost anything you need to accomplish. Today, I want to highlight 3 ways to protect the protect the pictures on your website. There are a lot of reasons why to protect your photos. Theft is number one. You do not want someone to steal your photos and use […]

The Quest for Better Cell Phone Photos

August 19, 2009


I am always looking for better ways to take pictures on my cell phone. I am okay (not even close to being an expert) with real cameras. But when it comes to cell phones, I always seem to take average pictures. So for today’s post, I will give two websites that have greatly increased the […]

SLR camera links

August 5, 2009


Yesterday, I posted some thoughts about buying a digital SLR. Here are some online buying guides to help you: Digital SLR camera buying guide – CNET Reviews Find The Best Digital SLR Camera for You in 4 Easy Steps Mike Davidson – A Rookie Guide to Digital SLR Cameras Advice on purchasing a digital SLR […]

What Do I Need to Know When Buying a Digital SLR Camera

August 4, 2009


I received an email asking my opinion about Digital SLR cameras (or Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras). The emailer wanted some buying tips because one of his kids asked for one. First, what are SLR cameras? Basically, they are better and more expensive cameras than the digital compact point-and-shoot cameras that are everywhere now. They are better […]