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Office Mobile 2010 Mobile available for Windows Phone – Free

May 24, 2010


Brothers and sisters with Windows Mobile phones. Make sure you go to the Windows Marketplace and download the latest Office suite for free. Now, you need to have Windows Mobile 6.5 on your phone. In my mind, it is the least they can do since cutting all Windows Phone users off at the knees with […]

Is there a decent Twitter client on Windows Mobile?

March 19, 2010


For me, the biggest drawback to Windows Mobile has been finding a decent Twitter app to read, write, and search for tweets. Currently, I use TinyTwitter. It’s okay. But I guess I am hopeful there is a TweetDeck app out there for Windows Mobile. It is starting to look like it is unlikely. TinyTwitter does […]

Foursquare for Windows Mobile Beta testing now

February 11, 2010


Touchality are working on a new Windows Mobile app for the popular location app, FourSquare. They call it WinMoSquare. I have been using it on my TouchPro2 and it runs pretty well. I had it for a week before they released an update. The beta is free and has been stable. However, experiences may vary […]

Best ways to solve the 2016 Windows Mobile bug

February 8, 2010


If you have a Windows Mobile phone, you might be getting text messages from 2016. Here are some fixes to the problem: HTC Touch Pro NOTE:  If the device is not running the latest software version 2.01.651.6, please download and install the latest ROM from the download page. How to copy the hotfix to the […]

Moving from another Operating System to Windows Mobile

January 3, 2010


When I moved from my Palm to the Touch Pro 2, I did not a lot of data to move over. I had moved almost everything to Google. But I did have some information that needed to be transferred. Meryl Evans wrote a useful two-part article to move information from one OS to Windows Mobile.

Set Up Your Windows Mobile Phone through Google Sync

December 24, 2009


I recently purchased a new Touch Pro 2 (Windows Mobile). So I had to sync my info on Google to my new phone. Google gives some great instructions for how to integrate their products for what you do. Here is the information for using Google Sync to transfer your Google information to your Windows Mobile […]

How to solve the “upload failed” message in Evernote for Windows Mobile

December 21, 2009


So I am trying to update to Windows 7 and I am using Evernote on the Touch Pro2. But when I try to upload a text note to Evernote, I get “upload failed” You might try a couple of things: First, the Evernote forums are a great guide to find out what it up with […]