I was asked to take a survey about Windows Mobile

Posted on December 19, 2009


I have to be honest. I had no clue Windows Mobile did any advertising. In fact, I can not remember the last Windows Mobile ad that I have see outside of Microsoft’s website.

Well, color me surprised when an E-Rewards survey about Windows Mobile and Office 2007? appeared in my inbox.

The top of the survey was branded like this:

I found out that there was a Hall&Partners that did research on Microsoft Office 2007 ad campaign that won the “Business-To-Business” category at the Advertising Research Foundation’s 2009 Ogilvy Awards. The campaign: “New Day New Office”.

This seems to confirm Gizmodo’s story about new Windows Mobile ads on the horizon. The survey did call the mobile service, “Windows Phone”. Just as Gizmodo reported.

During the survey, I was also shown screen captures of the ads. I was then asked about my general impressions about what I thought the ads meant and the overall message.

(I just found the full ads on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile website. I did not think a lot of them, except I found one actresss to be attractive).

Since I am a Windows Mobile (or Windows Phone) user, I hope this means a renewed interest in the platform and an increase in apps.

Here are some screen caps I took from the survey:

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