Is there a decent Twitter client on Windows Mobile?

Posted on March 19, 2010


For me, the biggest drawback to Windows Mobile has been finding a decent Twitter app to read, write, and search for tweets.

Currently, I use TinyTwitter. It’s okay. But I guess I am hopeful there is a TweetDeck app out there for Windows Mobile. It is starting to look like it is unlikely.

TinyTwitter does almost everything I need. I can download my tweets and post tweets. I can also search Twitter for specific tweets. However, there are some drawbacks. There is only one page on search. Also, I have not found a way to refresh search results automatically.

Here is a big issue. I don’t know if you can click on links in my twitter feed that will take me to that page. I will have to do more looking, but I could not do it when I went to Podcamp Nashville over the weekend.

That turned out to be a big, big issue.

Windows Mobile Cool put out a list of the best Twitter apps out there (TinyTwitter was not there). I am probably going to try someone of these to see if I like them better.

So for all of my Windows Mobile peeps out there, what do you use (hopefully it’s free).

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