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Stylus Socks for the iPad – review

December 28, 2010


Looking for an alternative to expensive iPad stylus? This Etsy product might be for you.

Camera+ back in iTunes App Store (good for iPhone users)

December 25, 2010


After being pulled from the iTunes app store, taptaptap's Camera+ returned to the app store recently (to the joy of iPhone users).

Video 101

December 23, 2010


Now that people have video cameras on their phones. It is high time that someone taught people how to shoot video.

Namco cuts prices on iOS, Android, BlackBerry games for Black Friday

November 25, 2010


53 games added to the Black Friday app list

Review: Gorillamobile for iPhone 4 by Joby

November 16, 2010


What I need the most when it comes to the iPhone 4: A tripod for pictures or movies. I also give you a 15 percent off Joby coupon code at the end of the review.

Post by Voice vs. Audioboo: A Comparsion

July 20, 2010


WordPress announced a new service called “Post by Voice“. It is publish audio posts to your blog from a phone. Another contention that has been around for about a year is a service called “Audioboo“. Audioboo is a way for people to create audio and upload it to the Web. So which is better? Let’s […]

A Newbie Guide to Google Voice

July 15, 2010


I have been lucky enough to get Google Voice during its lengthy beta. Now that it is open to the public, a lot of people are going to be exposed to one of the best Google products around. CNET has a great primer for Google Voice. Also here is a good FAQ page for Voice. […]