Learn Spanish Online with the BBC

Posted on January 28, 2011



Who needs a Spanish class when you have the web?

The BBC has produced a great video package for learning Spanish.

It’s called Mi Vida Loca. It drops the viewer into a “telenova” over 22 10-minute episodes. Each episode covers basic learning points for Spanish absolute beginners. If you have used Pimselur language series, it covers a lot of Level 1.

It is not only a video. There are spots where you interact with the action. It comes with a learning section with PDF handouts. You can learn more vocabulary and grammar so you can review after each episode.

Best part: Absolutely free.

Now, there are some things you need to know about the series. First, you can’t download the episodes. It is streaming only. So you have to go to the website to view them. There are also no plans to produce DVDs for the series. But hey, you can’t complain with free. Lastly, you can’t view on the iPad. It is a Flash video so you will need it to view the video.

I am planning a trip to Central and South America next summer. So I am brushing up on my Spanish. I finished Pimsleur’s Level 1 years ago. So I am working on Level 2 and using this series to help reinforce the basics.

When I was in school, there was a PBS series called Destinos that also used educational video to learn Spanish. So I am glad I found this series. The web is great for learning new things.

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