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iMovie for iPad fails on 1st model. Here is how to get it working

March 15, 2011


. You can not download directly from the App Store because you get a nasty message saying that you need a iPad with a camera to install it. Here is a workaround:

Want to take notes on the iPad? Here are Apps to look at, avoid

April 12, 2010


I do not want to tell you about how much I have spend on iPad apps in the last 10 days. Mostly, it is because I want to move as many functions to my iPad from my MacBook Pro. The goal: I want to make the iPad replace my M-Pro for most functions. One thing […]

Is there a decent Twitter client on Windows Mobile?

March 19, 2010


For me, the biggest drawback to Windows Mobile has been finding a decent Twitter app to read, write, and search for tweets. Currently, I use TinyTwitter. It’s okay. But I guess I am hopeful there is a TweetDeck app out there for Windows Mobile. It is starting to look like it is unlikely. TinyTwitter does […]

Foursquare for Windows Mobile Beta testing now

February 11, 2010


Touchality are working on a new Windows Mobile app for the popular location app, FourSquare. They call it WinMoSquare. I have been using it on my TouchPro2 and it runs pretty well. I had it for a week before they released an update. The beta is free and has been stable. However, experiences may vary […]

How Google can tell when you are sitting in traffic

November 16, 2009


  If you have Google Maps for Mobile on your GPS-enabled cell phone, you can get an up-to-date traffic report. Of course, it would assume that everyone drive would have this enabled on their phones. But this Google Mobile post explains how Google gathers and gets this information to your phone.

Free Thing Thursdays – 7 Free Apps or Programs for Your Netbook

July 13, 2009


Today, we have free things. Because last weekend was Sales Tax Holiday weekend, there were a lot of people who bought computers. Netbooks are a big part of computer sales because of their cost. We’ve talked about netbooks before, but we have not talked about what programs to put on your netbook. Because the hard […]