Who am I?


My name is Drew. I am a former newspaper reporter. I want this space to be more than reporting tech news. I wanted to write and post answers to issues that I had and tips on other popular devices/programs/computers/etc.

Why the name “Make This Do”?

When I was a graduate teaching assistant, my boss would have a ton of computer issues. He would hand me his computer/printer/etc. and only tell me to “Make This Do”.

In his terminology, this meant that it did not work for some reason and he would like it working again. He did not want to know how I did it or why it was broken. He just wanted it to work.

What is my purpose?

As a person who has a ton of programs and devices for the PC and Mac, there are times when I have something go wrong. I just want it to work again. So I would search the net and ask for solutions to problems. Instead of hoarding these answers for myself, I would present them here for you.

How can I contact you?

Posting in the comments page is the best way to get your message to me for now. You can also message me at kritikhack at gmail dot com.

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