Set Up Your Windows Mobile Phone through Google Sync

Posted on December 24, 2009


I recently purchased a new Touch Pro 2 (Windows Mobile). So I had to sync my info on Google to my new phone.

Google gives some great instructions for how to integrate their products for what you do.

Here is the information for using Google Sync to transfer your Google information to your Windows Mobile cell phone.

The help page instructions worked pretty well for me. One thing I found: the email and username and password screen came before the domain name screen on the phone.

Also for username,  I forgot to add the I was wondering why it did not work and that was the reason. In the screenshot, it said to type in But worked for me.

Once I added my entire address, everything synced to the phone. The last note: Google Tasks will not sync so do not click to sync that. If you do, it will throw up an error message.

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