Stylus Socks for the iPad – review

Posted on December 28, 2010


Looking for an alternative to expensive iPad stylus? This etsy product might be for you.

The fabric is, well, unknown. But it is a conductive fabric that allows it to be responsive when you use it with the iPad. The product is sold in on, made in the Netherlands, and ships to the U.S.

The socks come with an object shaped like a pen. But the socks will fit around any pen you want. I used the object that came with the socks.

When I thought about getting a stylus, my biggest question: “Will this scratch the iPad screen?” I have used the socks with a number of apps and no scratches.

Cost: $17. For a pair of socks, it is way cheaper than one stylus that you could get at Best Buy.

So if you use a drawing app, such as, Adobe Ideas and SketchBook Pro. Basically, any drawing app can be good with the socks.

For handwriting, it is not great. My finger is still better. For drawing, it is very good.