These iPhone/iPad apps are on sale for Black Friday 2010 – Updated

Posted on November 25, 2010


Courtesy of Apple

Yes Virginia, it is true.

A number of iOS developers are slashing app prices for Thanksgiving weekend.

All of the below apps are already at “Black Friday” prices so you can get them now for a great deal.

We are not talking about small developers. Electronic Arts (Need for Speed, Madden, Tiger Woods PGA, etc) and Chillingo (Cut the Rope) are cutting prices for the weekend. NOTE: The prices won’t stay this low. So do not expect these prices to last forever.

I will watch the Interwebs and I will update this page as I find any Black Friday deals in the iTunes store.

Ten Best Black Friday App deals

1. Need for Speed Undercover $ 9.99 -> $0.99

2. Nota for iPad  – Normal price $7.99. (Sale $0.99)

3. Sims 3 World Adventures $6.99 ->$0.99

4. TripJournal $2.99 -> free

5. Robokill (iPad) $7.99 ->$3.99

6. Fruit Ninja HD (Sale $2.99)

7. Super KO Boxing 2 for iPad (Sale $0.99)

(tie) 8. Osfoora, for Twitter (iPhone) $0.99 until this Sunday. Normally (I think) $2.99

8. Osfoora HD for Twitter $0.99 until this Sunday. Normally (I think) $4.99

9.  SketchBook Pro (iPad) $7.99 -> $0.99

10. Hipstamatic ($1.99 -> $0.99) Friday, Nov. 26 only.

Master List of Black Friday iTunes sales (latest updates at the end)

‘Boulder Dash®  Vol. 1′ – Normal price $4.99 (Sale $1.99)

Cogs HD: $4.99 -> $1.99

Billabong Surf Trip: $2.99 -> $.99

Radio Flare REDUX: $2.99 -> $.99
Radio Flare REDUX HD:  $4.99 -> $.99
Parking Mania HD: $2.99 -> $.99
Master of Alchemy HD: $4.99 -> $.99
Master of Alchemy: $2.99 -> $.99
Fiona’s Flowers: $1.99 -> $.99

EA for iPhone only

Madden 11 ($4.99)

Need for Speed Shift $6.99 -> $0.99

The Sims 3 Ambitions $6.99 -> $0.99

Need for Speed Undercover $ 9.99 -> $0.99

The Simpsons Arcade $2.99 -> $0.99
The Game of Life$4.99 ->$0.99
MONOPOLY $4.99 ->$0.99
Tetris (Cost $0.99)
MONOPOLY World(Cost $0.99)
SCRABBLE (Cost $0.99)
Reckless Racing (Cost $0.99)
NCAA Football(Cost $0.99)
Rock Band (Cost $4.99)
RISK (Cost $0.99)
EA for iPad
Madden 11 for iPad (Cost $4.99)
TETRIS for iPad – (Cost $2.99)
Yahtzee HD (Cost $0.99)
SCRABBLE for iPad (Cost $4.99)
Mirror’s Edge for iPad$9.99 -> $4.99 

(h/t to padgadget for the bulk of this list)
Nota ($0.99)

Nota for iPad – Normal price $7.99. (Sale $0.99)

Brothers in Arms@: Global Front (Cost: $0.99)

The Settlers HD – Normal price $9.99 (Sale $0.99)
Let’s Golf! 2 HD – Normal price $4.99 (Sale $0.99)
Shrek Kart HD – Normal price $4.99 (Sale $0.99)
Hero of Sparta 2 HD – Normal price $6.99 (Sale $0.99)
Iron Man 2 for iPad – Normal price $4.99 (Sale $0.99)
Splinter Cell Conviction HD – Normal price $6.99 (Sale $0.99)

UPDATED (Nov. 25, 9 a.m.)

iPhone Apps

TripJournal $2.99 -> free

webout free until Saturday

Paperboy (Sale price $0.99)

Build-A-Lot 2: Town of the Year (Sale price $0.99)

DeerHunter (Sale price $0.99)

MobileRSS Pro (Sale price $0.99)

DoubleTake (Sale price $0.99) until Sunday

Linkoidz (Sale price $0.99) until Sunday

LaserQuest $0.99 -> free

Asphalt 5 (Sale price $0.99)

Scanner Pro for iPhone $0.99
ReaddleDocs for iPhone $ 0.99
Calendars for iPad/iPhone $ 1.99

iPad apps

MobileRSS HD (Sale price $2.99)

World Series of Poker Hold’em Legend for iPad (Sale price $0.99)

Robokill (iPad) $7.99 ->$3.99

Fruit Ninja HD (Sale $2.99)

Linkoidz (Sale price $0.99) until Sunday

DoubleTake (Sale price $0.99) until Sunday

Super KO Boxing 2 for iPad (Sale $0.99)

PDFMate $1.99 -> $0.99

ReaddleDocs for iPad $1.99

Calendars for iPad/iPhone $ 1.99

Still updating throughout the weekend.

UPDATE 10 a.m. Thursday

via Press Release –

Com2uS announced that all of their games will go on sale and will be priced at $1 or less starting on Black Friday(November 26th). Hit titles like Homerun Battle 3D, Inotia 2 that rarely go on a sale as low as this have been included.

The prices are not live yet. But should be tomorrow. The sale will last through the weekend.

Com2uS includes titles (Homerun Derby 3D, Slice It!, Inotia 2, and 9 innings: Pro baseball 2011 . Because the sale is not live and they have not announced a price for each app, I am going to wait until Black Friday to post each app along with their price and their iTunes link.

If you run across any iPhone/iPad app deals, post it in the comments.

UPDATE 2:30 PM, Thursday

All Big Pixel Games up to 66% OFF!! Sale ends Monday 29th November

Sales list

Meow Meow Happy Fight HD (for iPad) (Sale price $0.99)

Meow Meow Happy Fight (Sale price $0.99)

Piyo Blocks (Sale price $0.99)

Piyo Blocks 2 (Sale price $0.99)


Namco Black Friday sale list (hat tip to pocketgamer)

Apple iOS games on sale until 1 December

Priced down to 99c

Dug Dug Remix
Galaga Remix
Garters & Ghouls
Gator Panic
Inspector Gadget
Isaac Newton’s Gravity
Lt. Fly Rise of the Arachnids
Mr. Driller
Noby Noby Boy
PAC-Chain Compact
PAC-MAN for iPad
PAC-MAN Championship Edition
PAC-Match Party
PAC-Match Party HD
Pole Position: Remix
Pool Pro Online 3
Pool Pro Online 3 for iPad
Star Trigon
Tamagotchi: Round the World
Time Crisis Strike
Tinseltown Dreams: The 50s

Priced down to $2.99

Ace Combat Xi
i Love Katamari
Ridge Racer Accelerated

Priced down to $4.99

Time Crisis 2nd Strike


HEXETERA™ (free until Nov. 28)

UPDATED 6:30 p.m.

StopRSI for only $0.99 (regular price $2.99). Starting Nov. 26 until Nov. 29

One Tap Mail $0.99 -> free.

Grow with Me (sale price $1.99)

QuizSound (sale price $0.99)

Simplepedia Plus (sale price $0.99)

iNtellect (sale price $0.99)

UPDATED Friday, 4:30 AM

Words With Friends HD (sale price $1.99)

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite (sale price $6.99)

CSS Library (free, Friday, Nov. 26 only)

Flash Drive (sale price $0.99)

Life Web Browser $2.99 -> $0.99

SketchBook Pro (iPad) $7.99 -> $0.99

Hipstamatic ($1.99 -> $0.99)

Tozzle (sale price $0.99)

Zombie Neighborhood for iPad ($1.99 -> $0.99)

AutoStitch Panorama (sale price $1.99)

UPDATE 5 a.m. Friday

(h/t to nine over ten for this update on Disney apps)

Disney Mobile apps will be available for the promotional price of just $.99 including:

Toy Story 3: Operation Camouflage

Toy Story Mania

My Baby Einstein


The Muppets Animal Drummer

Alice in Wonderland – An Adventure Beyond The Mirror

Phineas & Ferb Arcade (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad)

Disney Fairies Fly (iPhone, iPod touch & iPad)

JellyCar 2 (iPad)

Nine Over Ten also says that a Disney property, Tapulous, will be cutting some of their apps to $1.99. They do those <insert bad artist here> Revenge (aka. Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, etc.). I looked and they have not been updated as of yet. When they do, I will add them in the final update around noon Friday.