Review: Gorillamobile for iPhone 4 by Joby

Posted on November 16, 2010



What I need the most when it comes to the iPhone 4: A tripod for pictures or movies.

The Gorillamobile tripod for iPhone 4 by Joby is super tough. You think that you are going to break it. However, it is tougher than you think. Unlike a lot of Joby products, this just snaps onto the case and supports the phone very easy.

There is an optional digital camera attachment to use the tripod with a digital camera if you need it. Now, this case only works with the iPhone 4. It’s not backwards compatible. So iPhone 3G and 3GS users will need Joby’s Gorillamobile product for those phones.

The only negative: If you have a screen protector, it could create bubbles on the protector. Also, it is a little pricey. But it is worth it.

I was lucky got one early. On Amazon, the sales page says that you have to wait for 4-7 weeks. But you can still buy one from Joby’s website.

By the way, here is a coupon code for you (BTW, I get nothing from this. Consider it a gift to the people):

TYPE GorillapodLOVE on the Joby website as you are checking out for 15 percent off your order. Also, Joby gives you free FedEx Ground Shipping on orders.

Once again, I get nothing from the code. I am just a satisfied customer.

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