Post by Voice vs. Audioboo: A Comparsion

Posted on July 20, 2010


WordPress announced a new service called “Post by Voice“. It is publish audio posts to your blog from a phone. Another contention that has been around for about a year is a service called “Audioboo“. Audioboo is a way for people to create audio and upload it to the Web.
So which is better? Let’s look at the benefits of both:
Post by Voice
1. People can go to your WordPress blog for your recordings.
2. Free, except for calling fees used to call the given phone number
3. One hour time limit
4. Publicize function can send voice posts to Twitter and Facebook
1. People have to go to your audioboo feed to find it. Although there are WordPress widgets to let others see your Boos. For, you can only add links to the sidebars of the blog.
2. Free, however, only for iPhone or iPod Touch (w/microphone) and Android
3. 5 minute time limit
4. Can send to Twitter and Facebook automatically

1. What’s the best to let others find your audio content? I think both are good for what they do. Post by Voice is great if you do not have an iPhone or iPod Touch and Android. I think embedding these voice memos on your blog makes PBV a little better than Audioboo.
2. What is the cheapest? Both are free, but both can have costs associated with it. Audioboo can be uploaded by wifi if needed. But using your 3G or 4G connection could cost you if you are on a data cap. However, you also risk fees by calling in with PBV. Also, if you are in the U.S. and traveling internationally, calling would not be cost-effective. So Audioboo wins the cost battle.
3. Which has the longer time limit? PBV is one hour (for now). So (for now), I will give this one to PBV. However, does have space limits on its free users. So too many posts could force you to pay to upgrade your service. Audioboo is hosted on their own server, but you are limited to 5 minutes per audio.
4. Which can send my audio to Facebook/Twitter? Tie. Both can get your content to Facebook and Twitter.
Verdict: It depends on your blogging platform and mobile choices.
If you have a site, PBY is hard to beat. As long as I am in the States (and I am using my free weekend minutes), it’s great.
Same goes for people without an iPhone and Android phone.
If you have a iPhone/Android phone or do not have a blog, Audioboo is great. I don’t know if PBY is a reason to get a blog. But it can be a great tool for WordPress users.
The bottom line, it is good to have competition in the micropodcasting arena.