iOS4 and…the iPod Touch? What’s missing?

Posted on June 24, 2010


The new iOS4 is now available for owners of all iPhones and iPod Touch users (except for 1st gen owners of both)

The update is free and I do recommend it for everyone.

So if you have an iPhone 3GS, people say it’s great.

However, if you have an iPod Touch, it is a pretty cool update. A lot of the cool features that people love…are turned off. Oops.

AppleInsider gives a great review of the iOS4 for iPhone 3G phones (which also applies for iPod Touch owners).

So here are two cool things you DON’T get on your Touch after installing iOS4:

1. No multitasking

Tried the same Pandora demo used at WWDC. No joy.

2. No wallpaper

You get a photo on your lock screen. But you have always had that.

However, there is great news. You do get some cool features:

1. Folders – Um, wow. I love this feature. Now, it is not the easiest feature to utilize. Simply take an app you’d like to place into a folder by tapping the app icon, holding it, and drag it to a similar app. That will group the two apps and create a folder. MacWorld has a great primer on using Folders.

Here are two screenshots. Look at the shot of Bejeweled 2 and Assassin’s Creed:

You can move the Assassin’s Creed icon over the Bejeweled icon and it will create a folder called “Games”

NOTE: For older iPod Touches, you have to do this manually because Apple does not create the first folder for you.

2. Wi-fi stays connected when your device goes into sleep mode.

This was my biggest gripe with the device. I had to keep it awake (using battery life) to stay connected. Now I am connected all of the time. Cool.

For those two features alone, the update is worth the hassle.

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