Facebook “Making Control Simple”?

Posted on June 10, 2010


I could go so many ways with that headline.

But they are talking about privacy controls (By the way, if you want dead simple, make everything opt-in instead of opt-out. But they won’t do that).

If you have logged into Facebook, you have seen (yet another) box about your privacy settings. At some point, Facebook just needs to pick a lane. Have a stance on privacy and DON’T CHANGE IT.

I was going to do a whole other blog post with screen caps and opinions. But, screw it. Here is the bottom line: Everything I put on Facebook is not secure. It can be accessed and used by people without permission. So don’t post anything there you don’t want the world to see.


Here is the very, very, very long blog post by Mark Zuckerberg on the new privacy dashboard.

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