Want to take notes on the iPad? Here are Apps to look at, avoid

Posted on April 12, 2010


I do not want to tell you about how much I have spend on iPad apps in the last 10 days. Mostly, it is because I want to move as many functions to my iPad from my MacBook Pro. The goal: I want to make the iPad replace my M-Pro for most functions.

One thing I do a lot of: take notes. When I teach my college classes, I take notes on my laptop. So I want to change over to use on the iPad. Here are some quick thoughts on some of the apps I have used. I will post more detailed reviews on all of these. But if you need some quick ideas now, here they are:

Sound Notes

I downloaded this app because it seemed to be everything I want. It can record using the iPad’s microphone and type notes on the iPad and save them or email them. But after launching the program, nothing. Could not type. Could not record. Nothing. After going to the developer website, there was no support page. But they did have a web form where I could ask the developer. So I am going to wait until I hear anything before I give it a one-star in the App Store. Who knows, I might have done something wrong.

It turns I might have. It could have something to do with portrait vs. landscape view. Stay tuned.


You can organize your notes by class. You can take notes for a class session and then email it from your iPad. It is very simple to use. But it costs 4.99. It is pricy. But if you are a student, I would use this program every day. I know if I was to get my PhD. I would use my iPad and CourseNotes.


This pretty hard to nagivate. It is very visual and clean. So you will have to dive into the support and documentation to find out how to use it. Not sure what I paid for it. But make sure you look at the support website before you buy.


A free program that I had on my iPod Touch. I blew it up to twice its size and it works just fine. It syncs to an online storage page where you can keep the notes. It’s free and syncs to a website where I can download it.


Is it clear that I really like Evernote. The iPad app still crashes once in a while but it has become more stable. I can record audio from the iPad AND type notes on the screen at the same time. The one downside is that I can see myself using a ton of storage space. I am a user of the free service, but I am seriously considering moving towards the paid version with more storage a month. The more I use the iPad, the more I find that Evernote is what I use the most.

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