5 things I do on my iPad

Posted on April 9, 2010


Here are the Apps and web Apps/Services that I use the most after my first week on the iPad:

1. Evernote: I am typing this in Evernote right now. I have a feeling that this will be my default text editor. I don’t have Pages. For some reason, Simplenote can not type on my Wireless Keyboard. But hopefully that will be fixed when they have a iPad version. Evernote saves it in the cloud and a sync and place it on my desktop at home or my laptop at the office.

Now, the iPad app has had its issues. The iPad has been a LOT less stable. Before the latest update, the app would not even open. Even with the update, it crashes on occasion. But those flaws will be worked out and it will become more stable.

2. Plants vs. Zombies HD – Everyone’s got to have fun, right?

3. Google Reader – I have a ton of RSS feeds and Google Reader has replaced my morning paper. There are a ton of RSS readers for the iPhone/iPad. But this is free and the most useful to me.

4. Google Reader Play – The graphics and pictures make this something that I use more and more often. You just need a wireless connection fast enough to handle the graphics.

5. Bento – I love this database program. Any notes you want to take or list you need to make can be made with Bento. You can customize it to do whatever you want.

The iPad really unlocks everything this app can do. As I use the iPad more, I will be using Bento more. Here is my one problem with it: It almost impossible to export information from it.

It has its own desktop program that costs $49 dollars. So I am paying for the app AND paying for the desktop program. Will I likely buy it? Probably. But it will be a while. But I just copy and paste anything I really need into Evernote 🙂

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