The First 48 – The iPad Review

Posted on April 5, 2010


There are a ton of reviews from people who get paid to do this kind of thing.

Here are a couple of reviews from different perspectives:

Paul Thurrott

Jason Snell

Here are some quick thoughts after 48 hours of use:

The good:

1. The screen – It is such a clear screen. The pictures and graphics make it very easy to like.

2. The battery – With mobile devices, you get so much whining about the battery. So far, the battery life is great. Since Saturday, I have yet to require a recharge.

3. The speed – This one of the first elements that does not scream “Just a big iPod Touch”. This thing is WAY faster than the Touch. Way faster.

The bad:

1. Cost of apps – The inflation of app price is disgusting. But no worries, as more apps hit the store, undercutting will happen and prices will go down.

2. Wi-fi – I have experienced any problems with the wi-fi connection. I know some have . It is fine in my house and in a local Starbucks. So I there could be some connectivity issues in certain situations.

3. Charging – As of now, USB hubs have a problem charging this thing. So you will need to plug it into the USB drive in your computer. It had no problems when I plugged it into my MacBook Pro’s USB drive.

The ugly:

1. Weight – It’s only (I think) 1.5 pounds. But my wrist was a little sore when a woke up this morning. It was the hand that holds the iPad. Not sure if the iPad was the reason and I have had wrist issues since wrestling in school, so it could be nothing.

2. The screen – The fingerprints bother me. Greatly. On every mobile platform I own, I have a screen protector. The main reason: Stop fingerpoints. Heavy iPad usage will produce heavy smudges. Not, it clears up with a microfiber cloth. I use the one from that protects my MacBook Pro screen. So until screen protectors accessories hit the market, I will continue to gripe.

Overall verdict:

But overall, I love the product. I will be conducting lectures from it in my classes in August. I will be using it on the road. It will replace my Hackintosh and my iPod Touch.

P.S. My answers to some common complaints about the iPad:

1. It’s not open – True. But neither does Android. When it comes to Android tablets, at least one can not access the Marketplace. But it is more open than Apple. So there is nothing it can do to make you happy.

2. Apps are too expensive – Answered above.

3. Waiting to see other tablets/waiting to see if the price will go down – It is fair to wait for other tablets. But tablets have been around forever. But I will be interested to see the Android tablets. Let me know an Android tablet that can access the Market out of the box. I will look at it and buy it. About the price argument? Apple did say they would be willing to drop the price. I think that is going to happen if it does not sell. But here are three reasons why the price won’t drop.

There could be products that match the iPad. But it will be a high bar to best the iPad.

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