Waiting in the iPad line at the Apple Store? Here are 4 things you will need

Posted on April 3, 2010


Saturday morning will be a rite of passage. Apple fangirls and fanboys will stand (or sit) in line to purchase something they can have in a week for the same price.

And I will join them.

I am lucky that our Apple Store is in a mall so I don’t have to camp out. I just have to be there when the mall opens at 5 a.m.

Here are 4 things you need:

1. Something to do

Courtesy of Apple

Apple Stores have free wi-fi so take advantage of it. That and/or a book is a good idea. Also, you have to tweet your experience to the world.

2. A Chair

I am planning on being there for 3 hours. I am lucky. People in New York and California are camping out. You are not going to stand for 18 hours. Floors are hard.

3. Headphones

No one wants to hear your music or movies. Be polite and keep it to yourself.

4. Pillows

Naps are nice.

Make friends and go early. Also, it is not the biggest loss in the world if you do not get one. All stores and Best Buys will be restocked on April 11th.

I will also be liveblogging from the iPad line. So come back for updates on April 3.