Live from the Apple Store (iPad Launch Day), Finale

Posted on April 3, 2010


Mission accomplished.

iPad 32 gig and 2 accessories set me back $750.

Some quick suggestions if you are going today:
1. If you reserved in advance, they will get to you quick if you get there by 3 pm today. Reserved line will take priority.

2. If you did not reserve, then your wait will be determined by the length of the other line. It could be quick or not. Bring something to read.

3. If the Apple Store is small, you might have the longest wait at the demo table. That was my one complaint. More demos on the floor.

4. At the store in my city, the employee said they would be getting iPad shipments throughout the day.

5. 16 gig was BY FAR the most popular. At least it was in the Reserved line. In my informal poll, 8 out of 10 people got the smallest iPad.

Interesting day. I will post a review, an unboxing video, and more pictures after my nap.

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