SXSW music (unoffically) found on BitTorrent

Posted on March 8, 2010


South By Southwest is one of the big hotspots for music lovers. It is also a huge gathering for the tech community.

They have also allowed music from artists playing SXSW to be downloaded for free. Home of the Unofficial SXSW torrents holds this year’s collection and goes back to 2005.

A couple of warnings: You need to have a BitTorrent client installed on your computer. I just have the normal BitTorrent client. It is a free program.

Also, the files are LARGE. Almost 5.5 Gigs large. So there are a ton of people who have it available so it should not take too long (relatively) to download it. It is definitely something you would want to start before bed. It will likely be finished when you wake up the next morning.

Because it is so big, I will likely listen to everything once and then choose to keep it or dump it.

Finally, a legal use of BitTorrent (however, check with your Internet company to see if you have bandwidth caps. Because this will eat it like candy).

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