Google Docs finally becomes a complete cloud storage system

Posted on February 13, 2010


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Google Docs was always a great place to upload and edit Word files. There are people who use Google Docs as a group “editing bay”, where they change elements of spreadsheets and presentations.

Recently, Google changed Docs to allow it to upload ANY file. Now, you only get 1024 MB in storage space. But you can always buy more space.

One tip: When you upload files, if you do not want to convert your Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) files to Google Docs format, make sure you uncheck this box

When I convert to Google Docs, there are times when I get weird results. Specifically with Powerpoint. Now, Google Docs format would mean smaller files.

However, you can still export them to the format you wish and download that file to your computer. For me, I like to minimize steps unless I know a file is going to stay in the cloud.

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