How to Remove your photos from the Flickr API

Posted on February 5, 2010


I saw this story a couple of weeks ago and thought it was interesting. Only because I have photos on Flickr.

A Flickr user that claimed full copyright on his photos found that one of his photos was being used by the Independent newspaper in the UK without permission and attribution. When the user emailed the newspaper, the paper answered that all photos on Flickr is public domain.

That clearly is not true. There are people that claim copyright on their photos. Now the newspaper found out that they were wrong and paid the photographer. The newspaper got the photo from Flickr’s API (application programming interface). To play it safe (not that anyone would be interested in my Mardi Gras photos), I wanted to remove my photos from the API.

Here are the steps:

1. Login to Flickr.

2. Go to your account page at

3. Click on “Privacy & Permissions”

4. Scroll down to “Hide your stuff from public searches” and click on “Edit”. I believe that the default is set to “No”. My account is set at “Yes, on 3rd-party sites.”

5. Once you hit “Edit”, this is what you should see. Read it over and set your settings to what you believe is appropriate.

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