Quick Thoughts about the Apple iPad

Posted on January 28, 2010


Like everyone else in the tech world, I listened to the annoucement about the iPad.

My first thoughts: I am not too impressed. However, there are some great things and some not so good things:

The good: The screen. It looked great. The price is the only reason that I am looking at buying one. Also, the fact that you do not need a contract to use AT&T 3G.

The bad: It is a bigger iPod Touch. It does a little more than my iPod Touch does now. No camera. Seriously, no camera? Name a portable device, not named the Kindle, without a camera.

Will I buy it? Maybe. I will probably go and see it in the Apple Store. It is something that you will have to go and see before you shell out $499 or more. We will see more about the device in the next 60 days. So there will be a ton of news about it.

My advice: As a rule, I never buy first-generation devices. The second-generation is always better. It is better for development and support. I believe that iPad 2.0 will have a camera so I will try to wait until the 2.0 edition sometime in 2011.

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