Backup your online life with Backupify

Posted on January 19, 2010


Backupify is a service that backs up your online information and stores it on their servers.

The service can backup your Gmail, Tumblr, Twitter, Google Docs, Facebook, WordPress, and lots more.

I just found out about the service and signed up immediately. You can either use their servers or you can upload it to your own Amazon S3 server. It never goes through your computer so it does not slow your system down.

People backup the information on their hard drives. But very few think about backing up Gmail or Google Docs.

This service is giving away free accounts until Jan. 31. If you sign up for an account in January, the account is free forever. on Feb. 1, they will shift to a freemium model where they will reduce the free services and charge for additional services.

It is a great opporunity and take advantage of this free offer.

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