Nine ways to check RSS feeds

Posted on January 9, 2010


Once I found Google Reader and RSS feeds, I have always seem to have it open on every desktop, laptop, and cell phone. Freeware Genius gives you nine ways to check RSS feeds.

Two of the most popular are using a local RSS client (such as RSSOwl) and using a web-based reader (such as Google Reader). This posting will present nine interesting (and at times unusual) free ways to check RSS feeds, including using dekstop widgets (KlipFolio), RSS feeds as tabs on the side of your screen (Stick), RSS feeds within a dockable desktop area (SideSlide), as desktop sticky notes (Note Mania), embedded in your desktop wallpaper (Chaos Wallpaper), as news-tickers scrolling across your screen (EasyDeskTicker), and delivered as emails in your inbox (FeedMyInbox).

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