Google Voice is a good thing

Posted on October 28, 2009


You might have heard about Google Voice. Google bought a service called GrandCentral.

The service gave you a working phone number. You can give that phone number to people and the service would forward phone calls to your phone (landline or cell phone). If you do not answer, the service also has a voice mail service and transcribes the voicemail message.

Now, the transcription is not perfect and your might have to piece together the message if you do not want to listen to the voicemail.

Google Voice has been in a private beta for a while for former Grand Central users. Recently, they are announced they are inviting people to use the service. (Yes, I do have invites and will be giving them away later next week.)

Here are some links to help you use the service:

Record your own Notes with Google Voice

Make Unlimited Free Calls on Your Cell Phone with Google Voice

Tip: This tip from Lifehacker makes Google Voice a little more Mac-compatible.

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