Upgrade to Windows 7 – How to get a list of your installed programs (Vista)

Posted on October 26, 2009


I am getting ready to upgrade my desktop computer to Windows 7 from Vista.

I am following the usual steps:

1. Getting Windows 7

2. Backing up your important files (documents, movies, music, etc.)  I backed up to an external hard drive.

3. Getting a list of my installed programs

4. Make sure there are no driver conflicts with my installed programs.

So to do step 3 and 4, I had to get a list of my installed programs. I found a ton of programs that I installed. Most of them I rarely use.

I wanted a quick way to produce a list. I knew Windows could provide a list. So I found a Windows command function to find the name of every program on my system and the version number.

Here are the steps (in Vista):

1. Click the Start button.

2. Click All Programs and select Accessories.

3. Select Command Prompt.

4. At the command prompt, input WMIC and press Return.

5. You will see a new prompt: wmic:root\cli>

6. Execute the Product command to list the name and version of the applications installed on your pc.
product get name,version

Here is how it should look:


There will be a bit of a delay before a list of your programs should appear:


If you want a .txt file or an .htm file, type either:

to generate a textfile:
/output:h:\AppList.txt product get name,version

to generate a HTM file:
/output:h:\AppList.htm product get name,version

So it should look this:


You should change the (h:\) = to the drive you want. Also change the file name (Applist) to what you like.

Once you do that, it will make a new file with that name on your computer.

Hat tip to Tech-Recipes.com who wrote up the process.

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