Trouble exporting Google Docs

Posted on October 10, 2009


Is it just me or has Google been a little hinky lately? Gmail going down causes the world to explode.

Well, I just had a small problem with Google Docs. Docs fills a simple function for me. I have documents that I keep in the cloud so that I have access to them no matter what computer I am using.

This morning. I was trying to export a document in the Word format and…nothing happened. No download notice, no file on the hard drive, nothing. I try a few more times. Eventually, I get this message:


So I am using Firefox on a PC and this is my first-ever problem. And it looks like others are having the same issue.

Did I get the file to export? Yes. After a few minutes of search, the problem seemed to correct itself. One thing I did was to open a new file and only place one word in the file with no formatting.

The word: the.

I tried the exporting function and it worked. So then, I went back to try it on my original file. The export worked great.

Now it is possible that the file I was sent had some trouble with Google Docs. But I will be paying more attention to any Docs issues in the future.

P.S. – There was a Google employee posting in the Help thread I linked in above. She made the very generous offer to contact her if you had any issues like this one. Hat tip to Marie.

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