How Free WiFi gained a loyal customer

Posted on October 3, 2009


I love coffee (Iced Americano, no room). So I regularly go to a Barnes & Noble Bookstore to take advantage of their free WiFi, drink some coffee, and have a cookie or two. If they have a special, they will force me to have three cookies.

The problem is the wireless at B&N is spotty. Even if there is no one in the B&N Starbucks cafe. It could take 5 minutes for the B&N login screen to come up.

So I searched for other networks and a sub shop named Which Wich has a WiFi connection. It is super fast and always reliable.

Because I borrowed a cup of their WiFi, I went to buy a sub. Shock of shocks, they have an really good black bean sub.

Now, it has become a regular routine before NFL kickoff on Sundays. Go to Starbucks, use Which Wich’s WiFi, and buy a sub before going home to watch Dallas play (I know, I know. They will win eventually).

And it all started because of free wireless internet. Having free wireless as a part of your business model WILL get you customers.

We are not all freeloaders. Also, support businesses that offer free WiFi whenever possible.

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