Netbook for Kids are here, courtesy of Disney

Posted on August 18, 2009


Two new netbooks are coming specifically for kids.

Toys R’Us have the new Disney Netpal for kids 6-12 in stock on the website and likely in stores with a cost of $349. It is also likely to appear on as well.

Disney have combined with ASUS, who designed the Eee PC netbook, to bring this product to market. The netbook designed for kids  that is “web-safe”.

Features include more than 40 robust parental control options, an 8.9-inch LCD display, Wi-Fi capabilities, Windows XP Home, and kid-friendly software featuring Disney characters and icons in stunning visual environments. Browsers and email have extra filters to assure that parents are able to control online safety and content for their children, and can easily select with whom their children can correspond via email.

The Disney Desktop “gadget tray” offers a creatively designed 2D menu displaying Disney-themed email, Disney-themed browser and a robust suite of Disney-themed parental control options.

“Today’s kids are a digital generation,” said Chris Heatherly, head of Disney’s Toymorrow team and VP of Toys and Consumer Electronics for Disney Consumer Products in a release. “Parents are comfortable with their kids using the Internet, but they want to be assured that their kids are having a safe online experience. The Disney Netbook, designed together by ASUS and our Disney Toymorrow team, is a no-compromise device. There are plenty of terrific features and fun applications designed just for kids, but parents have ultimate control over the experience, with the power to set limits on how their kids are using the PC.”

Parents can pre-select email correspondence options, browsers, the websites their kids visit and the programs they use. These permissions can also be scheduled on a calendar, providing parents with a convenient, automated means of granting access on the days and times that they choose. Parents can also pull up data to determine where children spent time, and for how long.

Additional websites can be added for access, but only if the parent approves and submits the request within the password-protected system.

Right out of the box, the Disney browser launches numerous kid-friendly Disney websites for kids to explore. The Disney Desktop features a 2D “gadget tray” that displays bold visual icons for easy access to applications.

Rounding off the Disney Netbook are a collection of 15 widgets, including a stopwatch, digital memo pad, which inserts “reminder notes” on the Disney Desktop, and a calculator.

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