Music labels want you to buy more albums

Posted on July 27, 2009


The Financial Times website reported Sunday night that Apple will launch a plan codename “Cocktail”, designed to encourage Itunes users to download complete albums.

The newspaper says Apple has a target launch date of September. is also reporting that the labels are working with to do the same thing. They want to include extra content only for people who download complete albums.

If you have purchased songs from iTunes lately, you might have seen these “booklets” that are available if you purchase the complete album for some artists. These booklets can have interviews with the band or artist and never-before-seen pictures.

It is not a bad idea. However, I only purchase complete albums of artists who: a) I like or b) I know have a great album. But most albums have only 5 songs that are decent, at best.

My suggestion: Want more people to buy complete albums, make better albums. No filler, no throwaway songs that never see the light of day after you release the album.

That is why people use the per-song option in the first place. They would rather pay for 3 songs than pay for a full album to get those same three songs.

The music label, however, want to force people to buy complete albums because it makes them money. CD/Album sales have dropping for years and there is no sign for improvement.

So, will this work? What would it take to get you to buy or download full albums?

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