You don’t need an Iphone to talk on the telephone

Posted on July 22, 2009


Everyone asks if I have an iPhone. The answer is no. I use my iPod Touch with a microphone and Skype.

There are a few reasons why: 1. I love my current plan through by non-AT&T cell phone provider and I don’t want to double or triple the cost of a monthly plan; 2. I am not sure if I want to be married to AT&T for two years.

Lately, there have been a lot of angst about the cell service and the iPhone. There are people who are even giving up their iPhone as a result.

But I still download Apps from the Itunes Store. I do this because I have the iPod Touch. The Touch is the latest version of the iPod and it looks exactly like the iPhone. There are only three things in the iPhone that are not in the Touch: can not make phone calls, can not take pictures and does not have “microphone” for voice memos.

I can do the other things with my cell phone and I bought a microphone from to plug into the Touch and it works perfectly. So I do carry multiple items around with me in my “manpurse”. But, I would rather do that than change phone plans.

My advice: If you like you plan or your service and you are shopping for a new phone, see if there is an iPhone-“like” product for your network. For example, Sprint has the Palm Pre. If you are on Sprint, an upgrade to the Pre is a no brainer because it is likely the best phone to come from Palm in a long time. It was designed by some of the same engineers who worked on the iPhone for Apple.

However, if you are dead set on getting an iPhone, I would wait until the next version of the iPhone. Or, the announcement they are no longer exclusive to AT&T.

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