Top 5 Web Browsers

Posted on July 21, 2009


Web browsers are probably the most used program on a personal computer. It is used for making purchases, answering email, posting on blogs, watching YouTube, etc.

It is also the most debated. People came that PCs come preinstalled with Internet Explorer from Microsoft, giving it an advantage in the marketplace. Some believe that is an unfair advantage. In fact, the European Union has forced Microsoft to delete IE on any computer going Europe, starting with the latest operating system, Windows 7.

Now, how those people are going to get on the Internet without a web browser, I have no idea.

Here are 5 alternatives (all free) that you can use to browse the Internet. In my opinion, all of the following are better and personal information is more secure with these browsers when compared to Internet Explorer:

Top 5 Browsers:

Camino is an open source web browser for Mac users.

Firefox is the second-most popular browser. Here is a users’ guide. It can be used on Macs, PC, and Linux.

Safari was designed by Apple for Mac users. But they recently released a PC version that is very good.

Google Chrome is for Windows XP SP2/Vista/Windows 7 machines. Again, a very good choice.

Opera – Another browser designed for Windows/Mac/Linux.

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